Mishaped Pearls’ Old Father Thames is a fae dancing barefoot along a lush, wooded riverbank. It’s a contented melancholy with the tiniest touch of magic, like an English rain falling softly on a verdant meadow. 

Folksy and delightful, Mishaped Pearls are everything you want from an album of English folk tunes that you didn’t know you wanted. 

Now you do.

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If I stay too long, the door won’t close 
If I turn to leave 
Then all will be easy

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If Bastille was fronted by a girl. 

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How to Change Your Brand but Retain Your Fans: Or, The Child Star Crisis

We’ve all seen those Disney-starlet careers-gone-bad. You know, those singers that are splashed across the front page of every tabloid, just to feed society’s morbid fascination with human train-wrecks. I’m not going to name any names, mainly because I’ll be doing plenty of that later. 

At some point in the life of the “child” star, probably around 18 or 19, it becomes painfully apparent that longevity, rather than market saturation, should be the ultimate career goal. If this young media-magnet has operated under the classic child star pattern, they will still be, at 18, upholding the ideals and image that got them fame and success in the first place, probably many years ago.  

What is so wrong about that? If it works, it works, right?

In this case, No. Humans are in a constant state of change and evolution. Even before the supposed speed-change-age that many attribute to technology, change was still a major part of the careers of artists. When you think of Shakespeare, the first work that comes to mind is probably either Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, or Hamlet. From 1589, William Shakespeare was known as a playwright for his comedies and histories. He did not start writing tragedies, considered some of his finest works, until 1608, well into his career. Shakespeare was able to change and still find success because although he changed his genre, he stayed true to the writing style that had led crowds (if not all the critics) to fall in love with him at The Rose Theatre. 

Now, to use a perfect foil to Shakespeare: Miley Cyrus. A few years ago, when she realised she was staring at a life of washed out Disney, Southern Belle-ness, Miley panicked and did a full 180 degree flip. Although the now very adult (almost annoyingly so) star seems to be doing well enough, with her new single “We Can’t Stop” slowly climbing the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, only time will tell whether Miley’s complete change in image has alienated too many fans for her to maintain a career. 

The modern pinnacle of successful career change is, of course, Justin Timberlake. So, what did JT do that took his brand in a more successful direction than that of Britney and Miley?

Justin brings his past with him. He evolves, building on past versions of himself. By doing this, he is able to retain current fans as well as gain the new ones that are attracted (Who wouldn’t be attracted to Justin Timberlake?) to his new evolution. Justin has been able to break out of the “boy band” mold and turn himself into the head of a genre, the face of a generation, and the comedian of popular culture. Does he try to shirk his past as the ramen-haired, cheesy N*SYNC member? No. Instead, he thanks his fans from that era and invites them to join him on his journey as he changes at a normal, human pace. 

So, reader, what does this have to do with you? 

If you’re a young artist, this is especially relevant to you. Adolescence is the stage of life where change happens most quickly and is most fickle. Once you’ve targeting a fan-base that relates to your brand, do not completely change and alienate them. What you can do, however, is evolve with your fans. Don’t be afraid to grow up, especially since that’s exactly what your fans will be doing. Growing up is inevitable- don’t take your brand to a place that doesn’t allow for growth, and don’t be static. Be dynamic!

If you’re an older artist, there is still a lesson to learn from all this. Life doesn’t stop changing when you hit thirty, and neither will you or your fans. By this point, you probably know what works for you and what doesn’t. If you feel like you’ve been dynamic for too long, experiment. Target your values, then evolve within those values. If your music and image is about having fun and living life, as long as you use those as your base inspiration for any new aspect of your career, your brand can remain coherent while undergoing a healthy, much needed update. 

Don’t just change, Evolve.

Build upon your Past.

Stick to your Values.

Originally written for 12South Music, 26 July 2013.

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Jury’s Out On July: Chansons de Juillet


I hate that Spotify won’t let me disconnect and reconnect Tumblr. Sorry for once again having to reblog this from my “geekery blog.” 

1. “Holy Grail” JT and Jay Z. Thank goodness Jay Z didn’t let Kanye convince him to do Holy Grail with him instead of Justin Timberlake. 2/2 on the sexy collabs, guys. KEEP IT UP.

2. “Wires” Athlete. So I know (now) that Wires by Athlete is ancient, but please let me enjoy my belated discovery in peace.

3. "Miss Movin’ On" Fifth Harmony, or “That One Time One Direction Turned Into Girls”

4. "Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight" Amos Lee. This Amos Lee song just makes me feel realigned. It’s simple, beautiful, nostalgic, and hopeful. Also, he’s delightfully ethnic (totally my type). 

5. "Best Song Ever" One Direction. Go watch the video for “Best Song Ever.” You’re welcome. But in all seriousness, this is one of the best written pop songs they’ve recorded yet. One listen, and you’re stuck with that chorus for about a week. Beware.

6. “The One That Got Away” The Civil Wars. I liked this song so much it made it into my track reviews. Read it here.

7. "First Time" Jonas Brothers. I’m glad to hear this track after the failure that was “Poms Poms.” Now, I love me some JoBros, but that first single made me very apprehensive for the album. Thankfully, they’re back on track after this one. 

8. "Scarecrow" Bridie Jackson and the Arbour. Wow, talk about a haunting song. It’s definitely more a story than a song. Definitely deserves a listen.

9. "Royals" Lorde. Okay, this NZ native is only sixteen! What am I doing with my life…

10. "Beauty Queen" Foxes. Legitimately obsessed with this tune. Her vocals are spot-on and the message is much needed right now. 

11. "My Spirit is Broken" Champs. Duo of brothers. I like how old-school this song is. Also, you can get it for free on their website here. 

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Standout Supervision Moment - Castle 2x13 - “The End” Pearl Jam - Supervisor: Tricia Halloran

This placement left a huge impression on me - and not just because I had my mind blown when I found out that Pearl Jam have a soft side. 

The calm sorrow of Pearl Jam’s “The End” acts as a striking foil to Beckett’s struggle to come to terms with losing another piece of her mother’s unsolved murder. The public breakdown of Beckett, a very rare occurrence, is a powerful visual that needs careful music supervision to amplify the moment in a non-intrusive manner.

What were all those dreams we shared those many years ago? What were all those plans we made now left beside the road?

The song weaves perfectly in and out of Castle and Beckett’s touching conversation, a seminal moment in their friendship. I love the attention to detail when the lyric “It’s my fault now…” plays softly just before Castle apologises for overstepping Beckett’s wishes. 

This song takes an important scene and makes it so emotionally powerful that it is still one of my favourite scenes in the show. This song is an amazingly emotional work as it stands, but as a soundtrack to this visual, it is transformed into a tangible feeling that allows the viewer to experience Beckett’s struggle in a way that does not happen often on screen.

Give me something to echo
in my unknown future’s ear

My dear…
The end
comes near…
I’m here…
But not much longer.

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David Bowie  - Ground Control To Major Tom

Such a brilliant choice for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. 

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Firstly, let this be known as “The Semester That Lydia Didn’t Exist Because She Thought She Could Take 20 Hours of School, Intern, AND Have a Life, The Greedy Little Bitch.”

Secondly, remember when I posted about Bastille eons ago? No? Okay, well I promise that I did. In the past year, Bastille have absolutely blown up, both in Europe and America. Proud of you, Dan et all *tears up*.

Now, I’ve been obsessed with Chris Mollere’s music supervision throughout the lifetime of The Vampire Diaries, but one moment stood out to me above all others: Chris’s use of Bastille’s “Oblivion” in the 4x9 scene when Stefan finds out that Elena is “with” Damon. I love the synthesis of one of my favourite bands in one of my favourite shows.

Not only is it just a beautiful song, but somehow the melancholy beauty of the music just makes Stefan’s anger that much scarier. It kind of reminds me of when they made Harry’s scream silent when he sees Sirius die in The Order of the Phoenix. It’s not so much the more-is-less philosophy as it is the complementing-not-matching one. If Chris had actually gone for a classically angry song here, it would have cheapened the moment. As it is, the song weaves in and out of the changing scenes, somehow enhancing the emotion of every different plot line.

Are you going to age with grace? Are you going to age without mistake? 

I especially enjoy how out of place but poignant the main lyric is in a show about vampires.

Brava, Chris. Music supervision perfection.

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New (Exactly The Same) Site!

So I’ve spent some time reblogging all my past posts onto this new blog. URL has been moved here, so it’s really the same thing. All of my posts are original content, they’ve just been reblogged from my own old blog! Sorry about the confusion.

Lydia x

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"This is my life, and my life is on this album. And if you want to know what happened to the band, listen to the album."

I will refrain from commenting on why The Civil Wars split up. Although, I was shocked to see that apparently it’s not really common knowledge outside of Nashville? Props to everyone in the industry here about respecting their privacy. 

Anyways, I’m currently obsessed with this song. It’s so dark and powerful, but it’s still catchy, in its own way. 

Oh I wish I’d never ever seen your face.

Powerful stuff there. Can’t wait to hear more from the album so that we can hear their story told straight from the source.

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